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2017 was one of the worst outbreaks of influenza in Australia since 2009. If you’re looking to defend yourself this winter, we’re here for you. You can make an appointment online by clicking the BOOK NOW button below and confirming a time/day that best suits you.

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness. It's quite different from the common cold, which is less severe.


Customers can book vaccination appointments & our experienced pharmacists will provide a safe, fast and effective service. We also accept walk-in bookings - providing a quick and convenient way for you to keep protected against the flu this year. Our friendly staff can also answer any questions and provide expert opinions that will help you to stay safe and protected from the flu season.

Facts About Influenza

What is influenza (flu) and how is it transmitted?

Influenza is a viral infection, caused by influenza virus types A, B or C. The virus is transmitted by virus-containing aerosols produced by coughing, sneezing or by direct contact with respiratory secretions.

Can you get influenza from a flu vaccine?

Influenza vaccines will not give you the flu, as the vaccines available in Australia do not contain ‘live’ virus. After vaccination, the person will develop antibody levels that are likely to protect them against the strains of virus represented in the vaccine.

What do they mean when they refer to a Quadrivalent Vaccine?

The Quadrivalent Vaccine protects against 4 strains of flu vaccine, as compared to Trivalent Vaccine types which protect against 3 strains. The vaccine types are advised by the World Health Organisation based on circulating vaccine types and the 2017 vaccine contains: – H1N1: A/ Michigan 45/2015 like (CHANGED) – H3N2: A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 like (no change) – B (for TIV): B/Brisbane/60/2008 like (no change) – 2nd B: B/Phuket/3073/2913 like (no change)

Why do I need to get vaccinated against the flu every year?

There are two main reasons for getting an annual flu vaccine: – Flu viruses are frequently changing, and vaccines may be updated from one season to the next to protect against the most recent and common circulating strains. – A person’s immune protection from the influenza vaccination declines over time and annual vaccination is recommended.

What will happen in my appointment?

During your appointment, a trained Pharmacist or Nurse Provider will administer a flu vaccination. No prior prescription will be required and appointments take only minutes. You will be asked to complete a consent form and you may be asked some questions about your existing health and any previous reactions you may have had.

How long will my appointment take?

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment and be aware you will need to remain in store for a further 15 minutes observation period in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction.

Facts About the Whooping Cough

#1 Whooping cough vaccine – protecting newborns

Vaccinating women against pertussis in the third trimester of pregnancy provides two-for-one protection for newborn babies.

#2 Whooping cough vaccine eligibility

The following people living in Victoria are eligible to receive the free vaccine from 1 June 2015: - Pregnant women from 28 weeks gestation during every pregnancy - Partners of women who are at least 28 weeks pregnant if the partner has not received a pertussis booster in the past 10 years - Parents/guardians of babies born on or after 1 June 2015, if their baby is under 6 months of age and they have not received a pertussis booster in the past 10 years.

#3 Whooping cough vaccine – formulation

The vaccine used in this program is Boostrix®. Boostrix® is a reduced antigen formulation for adults and adolescents that contains diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis antigens.

#4 Whooping cough vaccine – timing

Pregnant women: Pregnant women should be vaccinated during the third trimester of every pregnancy, ideally between 28 and 32 weeks of gestation. This provides the best protection for the newborn. The vaccine can be given any time up until delivery. Other parents or guardians: All parents or guardians should be vaccinated before the baby is born if they have not received a pertussis-containing booster in the past 10 years.

#5 Whooping cough vaccine – safety

During pregnancy: There is no evidence to suggest the whooping cough vaccine is unsafe for pregnant women or their unborn babies. Expert advice states that 'studies have found no evidence of an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes (such as stillbirth, fetal distress, low birth weight or neonatal renal failure) related to pertussis vaccination during pregnancy'. During breastfeeding: There is strong evidence to support the safety of administering pertussis vaccine to breastfeeding women.



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*Excluding prescriptions and pharmacy medicine.


myDNA testing involves using pharmacogenomics to identify variations in a number of genes that influence medication response.​

myDNA offers a multiple gene medication test, which covers multiple medication categories (currently in excess of 80 medications).

Medication Management

A MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck is a service which involves one-on-one time with your pharmacist.


You and your pharmacist will ensure you are getting the most out of your medicines. There is no cost to the consumer to receive a MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck service.

Absence from work Certificates

We provide certificates of explanation that allow for reasonable and justified absences. 

Visit our store and speak with one of our friendly staff members to get your absence from work certificate sorted FREE of charge. 

Anaemia Screening

Anaemia's primary cause is iron deficiency. It is a condition in which the number of red blood cells or their oxygen-carrying capacity is insufficient to meet physiologic needs.

Visit us to arrange an anaemia screening & check your health.


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